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“Without water, there is no habitat; without a habitat, there are no fish; without fish, what’s the point of going fishing?”
Our goal is to teach children and adults the importance of conservation and to become stewards of the Earth’s habitats through the fun and exciting sport of fishing! You don’t have to be Bill Dance, Mark Sosin, Joan Salvato Wulff, or even Zane Grey to be good at or to enjoy the sport of fishing. You just need some basic skills.
Let ECO conduct a fishing clinic with your group OR use our tacklebox to teach basic fishing skills yourself.
Skill sets of the Fish For Life Fishing Clinic and Fish For Life Tacklebox include:
  • Ethical Angling
  • Habitat Awareness
  • History of Fishing
  • Introduction to Equipment
  • Casting
  • Knot Tying
  • Cast Netting
The cost for a 2-hour, hands-on, interactive Fish For Life Fishing Clinic for 10-30 participants is $200. To use the Fish For Life Tacklebox, the cost is $150 for the day.
You just never know what’s going to be on the other end of your line…
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