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Southeast Florida is unique, having a diversity of aquatic ecosystems such as freshwater marshes and swamps of the Everglades, estuaries, seagrass beds, and a three-track coral reef system spanning down the southeastern coast – all teaming with incredible plant and animal life. Protecting and conserving these vulnerable habitats is a must for our future generations. People need to understand they play an important part in protecting these natural resources and why they need to do so. If we don’t open the eyes to the children of today, the children of the future may never get a chance to experience what we have taken for granted. Creating stewards for these amazing ecosystems is the key for preserving our waters of tomorrow. What better way to do this, than through the fun-filled sport that brings families and people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and abilities together, fishing!
Fish For Life & Kids Let's Go Fishing Program
At your location, participate in a 2.5 hour fishing clinic learning and practicing the skills needed to go fishing. After the completion of the clinic, participants will receive a pass to a fishing museum and a "Certificate of Completion" that will be their ticket onto a charter boat for a half-day of fishing!
Fish For Life Fishing Clinic
Charter Boat: Kids Let's Go Fishing

Ethical Angling

Habitat Awareness

Introduction to Equipment


Knot Tying

Cast Netting

Make & Take Your Own Mono Recycling Container & Dehooker

Boating Safety

Ethical Angling

Applying Fishing Skills Learned

Practice Proper Handling Techniques

Practice Catch & Release Techniques

Baiting Techniques


For a PDF version of our brochure, click on the button below.
Fishing Clinic and charter boat brochure
Location and time of Fishing Clinic: We come to you! (registration required)
Location and time of Charter Boat: Reward Fishing Fleet, Miami (on your own - you're prepared!)
Location and time of Museum Visit: IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum (whenever you want!)
Minimum/Maximum # of participants in a group: 15/30
Cost of entire program: only $50/participant
For more information or to make reservations, please contact us
Special thanks to our donating and sponsoring Organizations
Reward Fleet
Science Eye
International Game Fish Association (IGFA)
Sea Grant
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
Pompano Beach Tennis Center
Dillon Tennis Center
Jimmy Everett Tennis Center
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